Sunday, May 31, 2009

MV Agusta 250B

MV Agusta 250B, MV Agusta, classic motorcycle
This classic MV Agusta 250 bicilindrica (B) followed the twin ARNO 166, and was followed itself by the 350 bicilindrica. This bike is the sports model, there was also a 250 GT model.

More about this motorcycle [via] classic motorcycle.

New motorcycle and auto website

New motorcycle and auto website in thailand

Saturday, May 30, 2009

AGV Helmet

AGV Helmet, helmet,

AGV Helmet, helmet

AGV Helmet, Valentino Rossi helmet in Moto GP Valencia 2005.

Motorcycles Modification Contest

Djarum Black Motodify 2009, Indonesian Motorcycles unique and elegant Contest

Motorcycle Pictures of the Week - Georgjean and Jared

Here are my Pictures of the Week as displayed on the Motorcycle Views Website. These are taken from the Moto Pic Gallery. See Georgjean with her 1968 BMW R50/2 US. Also see Jared with his 1978 Honda GL1000 Gold Wing. For details, see Motorcycle Pictures of the Week.

If you'd like to see your bike as Picture of the Week, submit a picture of you and your bike along with a description of the bike.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Honda ICON Pink

Honda ICON Pink Color,thai style modify

Buell Ulysses XB12X

Buell Ulysses XB12X,

With long-travel suspension, generous 171mm ground clearance, and aggressive Pirelli Scorpion Sync tyres, the Buell Ulysses XB12X can carry its rider over dirt, gravel and other unpaved road surfaces. On smooth pavement, the XB12X is a high-performance sport motorcycle, ready to blitz through the twisties.

Wide Supermoto style handlebars gives the rider extra leverage and control behind wind deflectors and a two-piece windscreen designed to limit buffeting. The broad, torque-laden powerband of the 94-hp Buell Thunderstorm 1203cc V-Twin engine gives the Ulysses the ability to proceed at lower speeds over unpaved roads with less gear shifting, and the power to bomb down paved backroads.

more about buell XB12X [via] buell motorcycle

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Honda CBR 150 Thai style Modified

Honda CBR 150 Thai style Modified by teejung

Husaberg FE 650

Husaberg FE 650, Husaberg, supermoto, motorcycle

Husaberg is a young Swedish company that, according to their website, was founded by "racing freaks". They specialize in supermoto and enduro motorcycles.

Nowadays, Husaberg motorcycles are manufactured in their mother company (KTM) but the development department is still in Sweden.

Husaberg FE 650, Husaberg, supermoto, motorcycle

Husaberg FE 650 photo taken [via] Paris Motorcycle Show 2007.

Motorcycle Accessories: the Personal Touch

I know you shop around for the best deal. I do, too. Comparing prices for motorcycle accessories is a lot of work. And it's not always an apples-to-apples comparison.

When you're comparing prices and features, can you call the company to ask questions like:

"What is the best way to mount a GPS or iPod on my motorcycle?"
"What can I expect when I decide to add a camera or a cup holder to my ride?"

Are you calling a big chain store that specializes in large lot pricing? Or do you want to talk to a real live person who answers the phone quickly and returns calls right away?

We ride and use our products, so we can help you, whether you ride a Harley or a Honda Gold Wing ... or a Kawasaki Vulcan (like me!) or Suzuki C90. Maybe you're a Valkyrie rider, or you're shopping for your wife, who rides a Yamaha V-Star.

We know that bikers value quality, not just price. We like how our bikes look and we want the best parts and accessories that enhance that look. And the old saying really is true: "you get what you pay for"!!

We try to make it easy to find a high quality, solid, dependable and affordable way to mount GPS, digital camera, video camera, cell phone, PDA, iPhone, iPod, and other hands-free accessories for your cruiser. And we're proud to sell the parts that give riders the best results: high-quality, good looking, sturdy, adjustable and easily mounted and removed.

For more details:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yamaha Fino Vs Honda Wave

Yamaha Fino Vs Honda Wave (Modified)

Husqvarna 250CR

1974 Husqvarna 250CR por The Yankee Guido, from huskyclub

Husqvarna 250CR, husqvarna, motocross, motorcycle

1974 was again a milestone year for the leader of motocross competition motorcycles. The "Mag 250" was Husqvarna's ability to market to the public a true "works" caliber motorcycle. The "Mag 250" had an all magnesium engine case, reed valve intake, new swing arm with shocks moved foward, built in silencer on the expansion chamber, + more. This bike is still one of the most sought after AHRMA competition motocross bikes. It is both strikingly beautiful and quite a performer in the Sportsman classes.

Husqvarna 250CR, husqvarna, motocross, motorcycle

This MK series Husky was the first year for the magnesium alloy, reed valve 250 engine. This model was an immediate success in the hands of privateers. Light and powerful, this model was more along the lines of of a true ultimate works motocross model that had been exclusive to 63-68 models. Mag 250 had the shock position on the swing arm moved foward, a newer generation expansion chamber with built in silencer, white plastic fenders, Akront alloy rims, and small front hub.

Monday, May 25, 2009


BMW R1150RT - White

Motorcycle, BMW Motorcycle, BMW R1150RT

BMW R1150RT - Red

Motorcycle, BMW Motorcycle, BMW R1150RT

BMW R1150RT - Blue

Motorcycle, BMW Motorcycle, BMW R1150RT

Ganbar Modifikasi honda Vario matic


Honda Vario matic and other types of CVT device adopted to raise the necessary acceleration menyesuikan size roller.
Actual performance kebutuhanya the motor itself. Penyesuaiannya as men-setting gear in the motor manual.
Size also varies from the mild to the weight capacity of the size standartnya.
Essentially a light-weight roller settings depending on the effect of changes in general and the engine needs to see a track or pursue top speed.
Honda actually has experience in making motor full feature AT (Automatic
Transmission) since 1980. However, the product - the product of part
large only for the Japanese market. See the development of a market
recent years has shown interest in the development of the motor full
AT feature, Honda decided to participate
plunge into the market.

DATA Modified Honda vario matic:

120/70x14 front tires Swallow
140/70x14 rear tire Swallow
Racing front Cakranm Boy
Sok front Posh
Gazi Sok back to Nouvo

Honda introduced the Honda this week Vario, motor duck with their first automatic transmission
for the Indonesian market.
Golden Ballroom at the Hilton hotel, Jakarta
Honda holds a press conference at the same time their latest product introduction
it. Conference was attended by Miki Yanamoto - President Director
PT.AHM, Jakarta, Minoro Kato - Marketing Director of PT AHM
, Tossin Hermawan - Executive VP Director of PT. AHM, and the
other Honda officials.
Vario, from the outside appearance
have a similarity with one of the products at the motor automatic other
dipasaran. But if viewed carefully, then there is no doubt design vario
Honda is the original design. Convex form of seat and bulky, such as
Karisma back with the lights
Supra X 125-like. Vario machine 110 cc 4 tak with built-in liquid cooled system (radiator
integrates with the engine). Automatic transmission system is a system that is used
transmission Honda V-Matic, so the acceleration happens quite smooth.
Vario will be sold with 10 color options with the two options, namely
spoke type / fingers and velg type racing.
Honda Vario have features - safety features that new and unique enough the first time
I see ducks on a motorcycle. Parking
Brake Lock, which functions the same as the hand brake the car to
prevent a slip if the motor is in the way that diparkir decreased. Slide Switch Stand, akan death machine
when in addition to the standard rendahkan to prevent accidents that may
appear. Secure Key Shutter,
protect the keyhole with the magnet to reduce
risk pencurian.Perhatikan change unique Vario garapan Danny Wibowo, from Star 88 Garut, West Java. Low rider combined with a compact handlebar strong aroma sport, but ditempelin spidometer typical retro classic.
Though different from concept, to make the change Vario look so fresh and interesting. "The plan is, more naked handlebar design refers to the style of hot rods. The goal however impressive squat. But, even so seemingly sweet, ".

New Honda SH150i for modification 2009

SH150i scooter is matig the modification for us. SH150i give the impression skutik this berdesain modern and vintage. SH150i this mengusung engine 153cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four non-fuel injection engine, giving the performance of the good and gentle acceleration.

Skutik use this 16-inch tires provide a comfortable driving sensation and good handling. Honda SH150i has a Combined Brake System.

SH150i dibandrol U.S. $ 4499 or around Rp 45 million. Skutik this option is available in two colors namely Red and Black

Modifikasi Yamaha mio motor matic

Now PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) launched a New Yamaha Mio Sporty is a series that continued from the earlier Mio Sporty.

Launch of New Mio is held in PRJ is attended by thousands of pairs of eyes, Bambang Asmarabudi, GM and Promotion Division Motorsport PT YMKI say "Yes Sekalian kan, let consumers know.

New Yamaha Mio

With the New Mio BEAT can mean that can not simply roll, Bambang added, "well at least we can still maintain the predicate skutik as a pioneer in the country." Mio dominance in Indonesia has reached 58% of that only 10% only.

New Mio sold Rp.11.885.000 (Pelek CW) and Rp.11.185.000 (rim Jari-finger). present the design of the coconut shell in the future, is there other than the main, the shield is also equipped with lights and dusk sein combined in the mica-shaped aft similar beat. New Mio display so that this class and the more exclusive. Other changes in the spidometer a more sporti, there are two storage pockets on the front of the beverage bottle, foot step pembonceng, muffler ala Mio Soul made higher (360 mm) in order to avoid flooding and innovation in the system so that the starter be more subtle.

New Yamaha Mio Sporty

Machine problem is similar to the Mio earlier, the engine capacity of 113.7 cc Bore x stroke: 50 x57, 9 mm is capable of producing 8.89 Ps/8.000 maximum power rpm. But Bambang said that this machine is because yahud already done at the touch of a certain.